CEO Corner: Funding Your Prevention Plan

Need funding for proper at-home drug deactivation and disposal resources? We can help.

Recently, multiple historic investments have been made to address our nation’s opioid crisis, including $26 billion in opioid litigation settlements and $1.5 billion in federal funding from the Biden Administration.

Navigating the complex world of grant applications and settlement disbursements can be frustrating and time-consuming, but we’re here to help.

Over the years, you’ve told us how important these funding sources are to supporting your prevention and recovery efforts. That’s why we’ve invested a substantial amount of time, resources and staff into staying on top of the latest grant opportunities, the status of each state’s settlement funds, and keeping you up to speed on what’s ahead.

Here are a few of the essential resources we’ve created to keep you informed and help you secure the funding you need:


Deterra Funding Directory

Many of you asked us to track grants and opioid settlement dollars where Deterra is an eligible expense. That’s why we created our Funding Directory and recently redesigned it for easier use.

Visit the updated Funding Directory for a curated list of funding options that could help you make at-home drug deactivation and disposal resources part of your prevention program.

You’ll find key information about specific funding options including eligibility criteria, important deadlines, and how to apply.

This page is updated regularly as new funding sources become available, so be sure to check back often for the latest announcements.


Updated Deterra Grant Guide

Our current and prospective customers were huge fans of our Grant Guide and helped us make it even better.

Need help writing a grant application or proposal? The latest version of the Deterra Grant Guide will help you craft a winning grant application and make the case for including at-home drug deactivation and disposal in your prevention program.

The new guide includes:

  • Examples and evidence to support your grant application, including commonly required information as well as sample language
  • An expanded list of case studies of organizations that have used federal, state and private grants to purchase and distribute Deterra
  • Expert tips on finding funders that align with your goals
  • Key sources of public and private funding
  • Detailed examples of essential application pieces, including budgets and logic models
  • In-depth guidance for crafting your proposal


Case Studies

Learn from other organizations that are making a difference with Deterra. We’ve created an online case study library to share our customers’ success stories with you.

Browse by industry to learn how organizations like yours have made Deterra part of their prevention efforts. Each study includes details on how they funded, distributed and measured the impact of Deterra.


Value Added Services

Effective ways to measure and report on your drug deactivation and disposal campaigns. We offer online and mail-back surveys as well as custom postcards, labels and more to help spread the word about your Deterra distribution, capture user feedback and evaluate the impact of your efforts.

Our Value Added Services have helped organizations like Summit County Community Partnership collect survey data and report on the results of local Deterra distribution efforts.


Email Alerts

The funding information you need, fast. Funding announcements are made throughout the year, so we’re always monitoring upcoming opportunities. If you haven’t already, join our email list to be notified about specific grants and funding sources that may be a good fit for your organization.


We’re here to help you get the funding you need to provide evidence-based, at-home drug deactivation and disposal tools to those who need them most. As we expand our communication about funding opportunities, I encourage you to reach out and let us know how we’re doing, what questions you have and how else we can help you succeed.


CEO Jason Sundby

Jason Sundby

CEO of Verde Environmental Technologies, Inc.