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Destory Unwanted Drugs at Home with Deterra

Destroy unused medications quickly and easily at home with Deterra® Drug Deactivation and Disposal Pouches. Deterra Pouches are proven to destroy unwanted and expired medications safely and permanently, making them unavailable for misuse, theft or accidental ingestion. Deterra’s plant-based pouches prevent harmful drugs from entering our landfills and water systems, making the world safer for everyone.

Deterra Pouches

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Deterra small drug disposal pouch

3-pack (SP)

Each small pouch can deactivate:
Pills / Films: 15 OR
Patches: 2 OR
Liquids: 2 oz / 60 mL

Starting at: $18.75

Deterra medium drug disposal pouch

3-Pack (MP)

Each medium pouch can deactivate:
Pills / Films: 45 OR
Patches: 6 OR
Liquids: 6 oz / 180 mL

Starting at: $20.97

Deterra large drug disposal pouch

3-Pack (LP)

Each large pouch can deactivate:
Pills / Films: 90 OR
Patches: 12 OR
Liquids: 12 oz / 360 mL

Starting at: $25.77

Deterra extra large drug disposal pouch


Each extra large pouch can deactivate:
Pills / Films: 450 OR
Patches: 60 OR
Liquids: 60 oz / 1.8 L

Starting at: $36.50

Destroy Drugs at Home in 3 Easy Steps

The patented Deterra® System deactivates prescription drugs, pills, patches, liquids, creams and films. Deterra renders them inert, unavailable for misuse and safe for the environment. In a simple 3-step process, a user deactivates the drugs by putting them in a Deterra pouch or container, adding water, shaking and throwing it away. It’s truly that simple.

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Place Medication in Pouch

Open pouch and place unused medications inside.

Step 2 Icon

Fill Halfway with Water

Fill halfway with warm water and wait 30 seconds. Foaming may occur.

Step 3 Icon

Seal, Shake & Dispose in Trash

Seal tightly, gently shake and dispose of in normal trash.

This was much easier than any other drug disposal system that I have ever used.
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Safe for Everyone. Safe for the Environment.

In addition to preventing substance misuse, proper drug disposal benefits our environment. Improperly disposed of medications are ending up in landfills and surface water where these still-potent drugs can harm the environment and contaminate our water supply.

Deterra was named the 2022 BIG Sustainability Product of the Year and received the SEAL Business Sustainability Award two years in a row in recognition of our innovative products that are “purpose-built” for a sustainable future.

We need to take steps now to prevent prescription drugs from contaminating our natural resources. Deterra is a safe and simple way to help.

Deterra Is Your At-Home Essential for Drug Disposal

Find the right Deterra Pouch for your disposal needs and clean out your medicine cabinet today.

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