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Get your free guide to grant funding for at-home medication deactivation and disposal [updated 2023]

Grants provide critical funding for prevention efforts, but the grant application process can be intimidating. To help you navigate the world of grant opportunities, we’ve put together a free guide with practical tips on how to secure funds for evidence-based prevention solutions like the Deterra® Drug Deactivation and Disposal System.

This guide is an indispensable resource for government, nonprofit and private organizations that want to include Deterra as part of a larger prevention program or fund a stand-alone drug deactivation and disposal campaign.

The new expanded edition of the Deterra Grant Guide is now available!

In this updated guide, you’ll find:

  • Examples and evidence to support your grant application, including commonly required information as well as sample language
  • An expanded list of case studies of organizations that have used federal, state and private grants to purchase and distribute Deterra
  • Expert tips on finding funders that align with your goals, as well as key sources of public and private funding
  • Detailed examples of essential application pieces, including budgets and logic models
  • In-depth steps for crafting your proposal, setting SMART goals and making the case for at-home drug deactivation and disposal
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