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San Diego County Board of Supervisor’s Chair Nathan Fletcher delivers 2nd State of the County Address

San Diego, Calif.

San Diego County Board of Supervisor’s Chair Nathan Fletcher delivered his second State of the County Address Tuesday, March 29, 2022.

Speaking before an audience at the San Diego Continuing Education Center in the Mountain View neighborhood, he said he was there to talk “where we are, progress made and where we need to go.”

“It’s beautiful to see everyone here — in person,” Fletcher said, referencing how the COVID-19 pandemic prevented a similar gathering last year. “It’s a sign of real progress after an incredibly difficult couple of years.”

Fletcher noted that life has been difficult because of the pandemic, inflation, soaring housing costs, deep political divisions and lingering problems.

“But for all the challenges around us, we also see signs of real progress,” he said.

Fletcher declared the county’s state as strong “and getting stronger every single day.”

“I’m not going to let anyone take us backward,” he added. “I choose progress. I fight forward. And I hope you will join me because I know we can do it.”

Signs of hope “began with our community coming together to mount one of the most effective COVID-19 responses in the nation,” Fletcher said.

“Despite threats, intimidation and acts of violence … we did not waver from doing what was right. In the face of disinformation and division, we did not give up and we did not give in.”