A survey of U.S. adults who used opioids showed that nearly 6 in 10 had or expect to have leftover opioids, according to the JAMA Internal Medicine journal. It’s critical that these medications be removed from homes and disposed of safely. Health insurance companies can help by covering the cost of Deterra drug-deactivation pouches with every prescription painkiller.

Introducing Deterra®

Powered by patented MAT12® Molecular Adsorption Technology, the Deterra® System deactivates prescription drugs, rendering them ineffective for misuse and safe for the environment.

Law Enforcement agencies, fire departments and other public safety organizations across the country are using Deterra to safely deactivate the active chemicals in the drugs which allows responsible disposal with no concerns that the drugs will end up in the hands of children or drug addicts.


Allina Health, Minneapolis MN

In an effort to encourage patients, employees and those in our communities to dispose of unused prescription drugs properly, Allina Health has partnered with Verde Technologies of Minnetonka, Minnesota to offer an easy way to properly dispose of unused medication.

“As a healthcare organization, we are serious about preventing medication misuse and abuse, and stopping environmentally unsafe medication disposal practices,” says Lee Mork, director of Pharmacy, Allina Health Clinics.