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Household Mailing Campaign Guide

a complete guide to the household mailing campaign with the new deterra direct mail pouch

The Household Mailing Campaign with the NEW Deterra® Direct Mail Pouch (DMP) is a primary prevention and education program that delivers proper drug disposal resources and educational materials directly to households. The campaign helps raise awareness about the importance of proper drug disposal and empowers everyone to safely dispose of unwanted drugs as soon as they are no longer needed to prevent misuse and environmental harm.

This guide covers everything you need to know about household mailing campaigns, including:

  • What is a Deterra Household Mailing Campaign?
  • Benefits of a community-wide at-home drug disposal campaign
  • Real examples of successful household mailing campaigns – including visuals and case studies
  • Funding sources
  • How to measure campaign ROI
  • Much more!

Our team takes care of everything – from design to mailing coordination – so you can quickly and easily implement a household mailing campaign with minimal staff time.

Deterra Household Mailing Campaign Guide

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