Improper disposal of unused and expired medications damages our environment. A 2018 study by the Puget Sound Mussel Monitoring Program found traces of oxycodone in the tissues of bay mussels; the researchers noted that finding pharmaceuticals and illicit drugs in area waters is not uncommon and could adversely impact other species as well.1 The patented Deterra® Drug Deactivation System’s proprietary activated carbon is highly effective in adsorbing and firmly binding pharmaceuticals, rendering chemical compounds safe for landfills and reducing watershed contamination. Deterra is the only product that is independently lab-tested and scientifically proven to deactivate drugs.

Shrink Your Carbon Footprint
with New Plant-Based Pouches

Deterra’s new Plant-Based Pouches are USDA Certified, 50% or more bio-based, and have earned the I’m green™ plastic certification. The organic proprietary activated carbon in each pouch deactivates drugs and prevents future environmental contamination.2 Deterra Pouches contain a smaller percentage of plastic when disposed of than competitor products.3 Shrink your carbon footprint with an environmentally sound approach to drug disposal.

Fight for the Environment

Improperly disposed of opioids, narcotics and other pharmaceuticals are ending up in landfills and surface water where these still-potent drugs can harm the environment and contaminate our water supply.

Most water treatment systems use technology that doesn’t remove a wide variety of today’s contaminants, including pharmaceuticals. One study found 47 different pharmaceutical drugs in source water samples and 37 different drugs in water after moving through water treatment plants across the US.4

We need to take steps now to prevent prescription drugs from contaminating our natural resources. Deterra is a safe and simple solution for deactivating and disposing of drugs that waste management agencies, public safety organizations, government entities, healthcare providers and employer groups across the country can use to foster responsible disposal within their communities.


2Based on the likelihood of extractable active medications available when used according to label instructions.

3Compared to Deterra products, competitor products contain a higher percentage of plastic when disposed of: DisposeRx® 59%; NarcX® 78%; Rx Destroyer™ 68%; Drug Buster® 67%