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Deterra Drug Deactivation System enables New Jersey pharmacies to comply with Charlie’s Law


Verde® Environmental Technologies, Inc., maker of Deterra® Drug Deactivation System, announced today the launch of four new retail products that are compliant with Charlie’s Law, groundbreaking legislation in New Jersey that now requires every pharmacy practice site in the Garden State to provide effective options for consumers to dispose of unused, unwanted or expired medications.


The new law, named after Charlie Van Tassel, who battled addiction before passing away at the age of 33, requires pharmacies to carry effective drug disposal methods comprised of non-toxic materials and ingredients. Deterra is the only at-home safe medication disposal solution on the market that is compliant with Charlie’s Law Section Two. Additionally, Deterra is the only product that:

  • Follows the Environmental Protection Agency’s guidelines for household waste as well as New Jersey’s municipal waste regulations: Deterra is made with non-toxic activated carbon, which reduces the chance of drugs infiltrating landfills or water supplies. Additionally, Deterra pouches are made of environmentally sound plant-based materials.
  • Includes the amount of activated carbon needed to make medications permanently and irreversibly unavailable and unusable: Medications disposed of by using Deterra pouches are non-retrievable for all practical purposes.

“Improper disposal of prescription and over-the- counter medications is a key contributor to drug abuse, one that can be the simplest to fix,” said Verde Environmental Technologies, Inc., Chairman and CEO Jason Sundby. “New Jersey is to be applauded for enacting legislation to prevent unused opioids and other dangerous drugs from getting into the wrong hands. With only 90 days left for pharmacies to come into compliance with Charlie’s Law, Deterra enables them to quickly and easily enact a safe and effective solution.”


Available to pharmacies in four different retail kit options, the kits include Deterra pouches, a countertop or shelf display, customer and pharmacist education materials and a customizable poster. Deterra pouches are available for pharmacies to purchase in bulk through distributors or at What’s more, research published in JAMA Surgery found that among patients prescribed opioids for pain following surgery, those given Deterra for at-home disposal were nearly four times more likely to safely dispose of leftover and unneeded medications than those who weren’t provided disposal education or support.


“It’s encouraging to see New Jersey lead the charge in the fight against drug abuse with the passing of Charlie’s Law,” said Melissa Tasse, Ph.D., founder of The Honey Bee Foundation, a New Jersey-based non-profit focused on educating parents on substance abuse prevention for their children. “There is a clear, imminent need for medication disposal education and resources in our state and these efforts will enable better access to safe, at-home disposal tools and, in-turn, rid our community of unused medications that may otherwise fall into the hands of our children.”


“Each year, Recovery Centers of America treats thousands of New Jersey patients suffering from opioid use disorder as well as other drug addictions – and Charlie’s Law will help prevent prescription opioid, benzodiazepine and other substance use disorders,” said Dr. Deni Carise, Chief Scientific Officer of Recovery Centers of America. “Consumers need more accessible options for safe disposal of these prescription drugs to avoid diversion of unused medications, especially harmful opioids. We understand the importance of preventing and treating drug addiction and support the New Jersey legislature’s focus on promoting awareness around in-home medication disposal options, and other safe disposal methods, with every prescription.”


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About Deterra and Verde Technologies

Minneapolis based Verde® Environmental Technologies, Inc., is a privately owned company committed to developing research based scientifically proven solutions to reduce drug abuse, misuse and negative environmental impact. The patented Deterra® Drug Deactivation System is powered by proprietary ® Molecular Adsorption Technology, which deactivates drugs using activated carbon. Deterra is highly effective in adsorbing and firmly binding drugs, rendering them inert, unavailable for misuse and safe for the environment.