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Safely dispose of expired prescription drugs Saturday, October 23

You don’t want this visit.  Two officers come to your door asking if this is Joseph`s residence.  You know this is bad, you can see it in their eyes. We must inform you that Joseph died. Knowing of his years-long struggles with opioids following an auto accident that left him with rods and pins in his ankle and leg, you ask if he overdosed but they can only share that a syringe was in the car.

You have to call your wife; you really don’t want to make this call.

“You need to come home. I don’t want to tell you why on the phone.”

You don’t want to give this news.  Mom arrives and sees you with two cops and asks what’s up. You have to be a strong husband and tell her that the light of her life, her precious boy now 23 years old has left this place forever, your son is dead. Whatever you imagine might be the response to such news is probably not even close.