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Safe drug disposal options available in Richland County



The Richland County Youth Substance Use Coalition is asking the public to help create a healthier community and prevent substance abuse by properly disposing of all unused or expired medications.

Properly disposing of medications is easy thanks to numerous prescription drug drop boxes available throughout the county. Many are located inside local pharmacies or near grocery stores, making them an easy and convenient stop while running errands. A full list is available below.

Richland Public Health is also offering free Deterra drug deactivation packets free of charge. These pouches can be safely used at home by putting the medications in the pouch, filling it with warm water, gently shaking the packet and throwing it in the trash.

The Deterra pouches are an environmentally friendly option, since they decompose leaving virtually no waste behind.

Using a deactivation packet or secure drop box are the best ways to prevent harm to people or pets who may intentionally or unintentionally misuse a medication.

“Throwing away medications in the trash or flushing them down the toilet are not safe for the environment and don’t actually deactivate them, meaning they can still be misused,” said Gurpinder Deol of Richland Public Health.

Richland Public Health is also seeking community input on locations for additional prescription drug drop boxes to be placed in Richland County in the future. RPH hopes to increase access to proper disposal locations and reduce transportation barriers.