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Oneida County Offers FREE Drug Deactivation Pouches

There is a safe and convenient way to get unused or expired prescription drugs out of your home. And, if you live in Oneida County you can have the drug neutralizing bags sent to your home for free.

While we’ve been told for years not to throw unused or old medications in the trash, the latest tool in the fight to curb drug addiction will allow you to do just that.

Oneida County’s Opioid Task Force is providing Deterra Drug Deactivation bags in their ongoing effort to address the opioid crisis. The bags provide permanent disposal of prescription meds, not just opioids, using organic activated carbon that destroys and deactivates the drugs. In fact, Deterra says the bags/pouches are proven effective for medicated patches, pills, creams, films and liquids. Just follow the instructions to ensure you are adding the proper amount of water, and simply toss the bags in the trash.