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Northeast Florida organizations giving out at-home drug disposal pouches to combat opioid epidemic



We’ve seen several negative impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic. One problem locally is the increase in overdoses as more people were stuck at home in 2020.

In Jacksonville, there was an increase in the number of overdose-related deaths, according to the Community Coalition Alliance (CCAFL).

Now, two local groups are teaming up to fight back.

The ‘Gone for Good’ at-home medication disposal campaign aims to permanently get rid of 1.8 million medications across the United States.

Here in Northeast Florida, the Community Coalition Alliance and the Florida National Guard are using Deterra to get drugs out of homes. It has activated charcoal inside. You mix it with water. Wait 30 seconds. Seal the bag, and the drugs are immediately deactivated.

Captain Michael Coy is part of the Drug Demand Reduction Outreach program with the Florida National Guard. He’s helping head this effort, and has seen the impacts of drug abuse first hand.