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Homecare Pharmacy fills essential health needs

Beloit, Wis.

The city’s last locally-owned pharmacy was on the move in 2021, helping the community to stay healthy during the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic. From offering vaccine clinics for two school districts to providing delivery service to hospitals and homes, Homecare Pharmacy, 1006 Woodard Ave., provided nimble and responsive care.

“The pharmacy wanted to do as much as we could to help patients in our local community during the pandemic. We felt our delivery services, our vaccinations and community testing programs uniquely positioned us to help keep the community healthy,” said Pharmacist Evan McNamara.

“We are busier than we’ve ever been,” said co-owner Joe McNamara. “Independent pharmacies are still an outlet to help the public.”

Homecare Pharmacy offered onsite vaccination clinics for the School District of Beloit and Beloit Turner school districts in addition to hosting on site vaccination clinics.