The Deterra® Drug Deactivation System

An Urgent Problem

Powered by MAT12®Protected by seven patents, there is no other company that can offer the proprietary technology.
Environmentally Friendly PackagingThe Deterra pouches (SP, MP, LP and XL) are made from environmentally friendly materials.
Easy to Open/CloseThe easy to open and resealable closures allow for the convenient and fast disposal of drugs.
Intuitive to UseThe simple three-step process is easy and encourages the proper deactivation of medications.
Supported by ScienceThrough two research grants from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA, part of NIH), multiple research papers are available and have been presented. The system has been proven to deactivate 99% of prescription medication.
Wide-range of CapacityThe wide range of capacity options allows for you to choose which product most fits your needs.
SP: 15 pills, 2 patches or 2 oz. liquid
MP: 45 pills, 6 patches, 6 oz. of liquid
LP: 90 pills, 12 patches, 12 oz. of liquid
XL: 450 pills, 60 patches, 60 oz. of liquid
Leadership Opportunity Promotes leadership by deactivating drugs in an environmentally friendly way and also reduces the opportunity for abuse or misuse.
Lessening environmental impact of drugsThe second leading cause of medications in the water supply is due to drugs being flushed or improperly discarded.
Cost EffectiveInstitutions that utilize Deterra can save substantially on the cost of medical waste.