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Deterra Reaches 1 Billion Pills Safely Destroyed

Organizations and individuals have used enough Deterra products to deactivate and dispose of 1 billion unwanted drugs

By: Jason Sundby, CEO of Verde Environmental Technologies, Inc. 


During my time as CEO, the Deterra team has reached several major milestones, but none as momentous as this one.

In early 2022, we resolved to reach 1 billion pills safely destroyed by 2023. It was an ambitious goal for our partners and employees, and I’m thrilled to announce that we did it!

To date, organizations across the country have distributed enough Deterra products to safely destroy just over 1 billion pills.

We could not have gotten here without our incredible partners in healthcare, local government, law enforcement, and nonprofits who prioritized proper drug disposal to prevent misuse and protect the environment.

Thanks to the many organizations across the country that make Deterra available to their communities and the hard work of our dedicated employees, 1 billion fewer medications are available for misuse and environmental harm.

We are incredibly grateful that Deterra is part of so many communities’ prevention efforts. Our mission is to save lives and protect the environment. With the simple act of proper drug disposal, we all have the power to fulfill that mission and help stop drug misuse before it starts.

To everyone who has distributed Deterra or used it themselves to get rid of unwanted drugs: Thank you for letting us help you make a difference.

Organizations across the country have distributed enough Deterra products to deactivate and dispose of 1 billion unwanted pills.

The Future of Drug Deactivation and Disposal

As excited as we are about reaching our goal of deactivating and disposing of 1 billion pills, there is much more work to be done to reduce substance misuse.

While opioid dependence often starts in the home medicine cabinet, fentanyl has quickly become the largest contributor to our nation’s increasingly deadly overdose epidemic.

Evidence-based prevention solutions like Deterra are needed now more than ever. In addition to unwanted prescription and over-the-counter medications, Deterra safely destroys fentanyl as well as most illicit drugs and counterfeit pills. Increasing access to proper disposal with a discreet, at-home option can help lower the available supply of these potentially deadly drugs and prevent more lives from being lost.

Deterra is an eligible expense for opioid settlement funds and many federal and local grants, so there is ample opportunity to make evidence-based at-home drug deactivation and disposal solutions part of prevention efforts nationwide.

Join the Movement to Deactivate & Dispose of Unwanted Drugs 

We’re inspired by the individuals and organizations that are making an impact with proper at-home drug disposal, and we’re determined to continue this momentum into 2023 and beyond.

We hope you’ll join us in reaching our next milestone of 2 billion pills destroyed by making Deterra part of your prevention plan. For personal use, Deterra Pouches are available in packs of three on Amazon.

Contact our sales team for custom pricing on case quantities and Value Added Services or to learn more about securing funding for Deterra.



CEO Jason Sundby

About the Author

Jason Sundby is CEO of Verde Environmental Technologies Inc., maker of the Deterra® Drug Deactivation and Disposal System. The company is committed to developing research-based scientifically proven solutions to reduce drug misuse and negative environmental impact. Jason has over 30 years of experience in operations, risk management, administration and IT leadership.

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