CEO Corner: Introducing the Deterra Lock Box

Our new lock boxes include everything you need to fully secure and track deactivated medications 

In any setting where medications are routinely handled, there is a risk of drugs being diverted, stolen or misused. Pharmacies, healthcare facilities and public safety organizations put a tremendous amount of effort into preventing these occurrences, but it can be difficult to remove the temptation posed by leftover medications.

Many of our customers use Deterra Multi-Use Containers to permanently deactivate large quantities of unneeded drugs, including controlled substances like fentanyl. We’ve heard from them that having a secure location to place the containers while in use is a priority, so we designed a new product to meet that need.

Our research and development team set out to design a product that was sturdy enough to securely hold full Deterra Containers yet compact enough to fit easily into busy hospital rooms and pharmacies.

We also knew that having a clear way to track and display the number of medications disposed of was an important feature to ensure the containers were switched out once they reached their capacity.

Our team worked to combine these features into the Deterra Drug Deactivation and Disposal Site that provides a secure, central location for convenient medication disposal. The deactivation process starts as soon as medications are added to the container and agitated, rendering them inert and irretrievable for all practical purposes. The container is safely housed inside the lock box, providing an additional layer of protection and convenient medication tracking.

The Deterra Lock Box includes everything pharmacies, clinics and organizations need to fully secure the Deterra 1.0 gallon and 2.5 gallon continual use containers. Each lock box is made of 18-gauge stainless steel and can be safely mounted to the wall (1.0 gallon only) or countertop. The lock box features a built-in key lock and mechanical capacity tracker with manual reset for simple medication tracking.

There are three lock boxes to choose from, depending on the type of Deterra Container used:

  • Deterra Lock Box – Multi-Purpose (1.0 Gallon)
  • Deterra Lock Box – Liquids Only (1.0 Gallon)
  • Deterra Lock Box – Multi-Purpose (2.5 Gallon)

We’re excited to offer another way to meet the safe disposal needs of our customers. If you’re interested in pricing and ordering details for the Deterra Lock Box, visit our website to get pricing or contact our team to learn more about how lock boxes can help your organization track disposal efforts and prevent medication misuse.


CEO Jason Sundby

Jason Sundby

Chairman & CEO of Verde Environmental Technologies, Inc.