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Brocton library offers drug deactivation systems

BROCTON — At a recent Brocton Village Board meeting, Ahira Hall Memorial Library Director Julie Morrison Putcher highlighted an issue that came up in the Community Conversation event. The topic was drug issues in the area, and to combat the issue, the library has collaborated with a local coalition to address citizen concerns.

The Ahira Hall Memorial Library now has Deterra drug deactivation systems available, provided by the HOPE Chautauqua substance abuse prevention coalition. The systems – which appear as a blue pouch filled with an environmentally safe solution – allow for the safe disposal of medications and prescription drugs by pouring liquid or pills into a pouch, sealing and shaking the pouch, and then disposing the pouch in the garbage.

Putcher noted the library has distributed approximately 30 of the pouches in the past month. HOPE Chautauqua will be holding the next Community Conversation in May to address prescription drug safety concerns.