Medication drop-off box alternatives at home

WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW)– The Marathon County Health Department said now more than ever it’s important to rid of unwanted medication to keep it out of the hands of children, pets, and other family members at home.

While buildings slowly open up the department is offering an alternative to the drug drop-off boxes.

Through a grant awarded to the AOD partnership, The Marathon County Health Department is now able to mail disposal packets to your home to rid of unwanted drugs. The packets are free and offer two methods of disposal.

One option allows a user to dispose of up to 45 pills, 6 ounces of liquid, or 6 medication packets. All you have to do is add water and shake to disintegrate medication before disposing of it in the trash.

The other option provides prepaid postage mail-back envelops to send away.

Melissa Moore, with the Marathon County Health Department, said both options are free and provide a safe way to keep medication away from abusers, out of groundwater, and away from children.

“It improves our public health because, kids, pets, when they are discarded in places like the trash can or left out on a counter, we just want people to make sure they are keeping them secured and keeping them monitored during this time,” Moore said.

As things slowly open back up some drop boxes are becoming available. Moore recommends calling ahead during regular business hours before heading out just in case.

If you do choose to use an alternative, you can access one by calling the health department at 715-261-1962 or private messaging their Facebook page.

Each household is limited to one free bag at this time.