Two U.S. Congressmen Visited Company HQ to Learn About Deterra’s Role in Rx Abuse Prevention

We hosted two influential visitors at the Verde Technologies office in Minnetonka, Minn. last month. Both U.S. Representative Tom Emmer of Minnesota’s sixth district and Representative Erik Paulsen of Minnesota’s third district stopped by to tour our office, see our laboratory in action and discuss the prescription drug epidemic, including how the Deterra System is playing a critical role in providing safe, in-home deactivation and disposal of highly addictive, sought-after opioid painkillers.

Rep. Emmer – who shared a personal story about a family friend’s addiction to painkillers then heroin, sadly causing his death, during his August 21 visit – saw a demonstration of how quickly Deterra works to deactivate drugs and how easy it is to use and simply dispose of the package.

“Why hasn’t anybody figured out how to do this before?” he said to our staff. “It seems like such a no-brainer. It’s huge.”

In addition to sharing his support for Deterra during his visit, Rep. Emmer called Deterra a “key solution” in the prescription drug abuse epidemic during his keynote speech on prescription drug abuse at the Pain. Pill. Problem. Summit on August 25. He joined other state and national leaders for the first statewide conference to define Minnesota’s growing problem with prescription painkillers and develop solutions to address it.

Rep Paulsen - Deterra

Rep. Paulsen joined us at Verde’s offices on August 31 for a lunch-and-learn event and introduction to Deterra. He tried the simple three-step process of the Deterra System and discussed with us the prescription drug and environmental issues of drugs in waterways and how Deterra reduces drugs’ negative effects on the environment.

We appreciate Rep. Emmer and Rep. Paulsen taking a leadership role to understand the prescription drug abuse problem, draw attention to the epidemic and determine cost-effective, smart solutions to turn the trend around. It was our honor to host them here at Verde, and we look forward to working with them in the future to prevent prescription drug abuse not only in Minnesota but across the nation.