Indiana’s Steps towards Regulation

This article gives an informative overview of the actions Indiana has taken in the last few years in an effort to combat prescription drug abuse.  It’s an interesting look at how knowledge of the prescription drug epidemic has grown and how state governments have reacted accordingly.

When Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller learned from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that drug-related fatalities now outpace car accidents as the nation’s leading cause of death, he knew he had to take action.

And when he learned the true culprit behind the epidemic was sitting legally in family medicine cabinets across Indiana, he developed a plan that has led to sweeping changes in the regulation and administration of prescription drugs.

“This is not a subculture of people who live in the margins,” said Zoeller, noting that 77 percent of heroin overdose victims first became addicted to prescription medication. “These are also kids from middle and upper middle income families who may have first gotten addicted from a doctor’s prescription.”

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