Public Safety

Addiction to prescription painkillers is a serious public safety issue. The majority of abusers get their first dose from a family member’s medicine cabinet. Thieves often look for such medications during break-ins, to use or to sell on the street. Police departments can help keep pain medication out of the wrong hands by distributing Deterra® Drug Deactivation Pouches in their communities. The Deterra System is the only product that is independently lab-tested and scientifically proven to deactivate drugs.

Introducing Deterra

Powered by proprietary MAT12® Molecular Adsorption Technology, the patented Deterra System deactivates prescription drugs, rendering them inert, unavailable for misuse and safe for the environment.

Law Enforcement agencies, fire departments and other public safety organizations across the country are using Deterra to safely deactivate the active chemicals in drugs which allow responsible disposal within your community.