Waste Disposal

Around the world, hospitals, clinics and care centers spend billions of dollars a year managing medical waste. Deterra drug-deactivation pouches offer a cost-effective way to safely dispose of unused opioids and other medications. The Deterra System has a 99 percent success rate in deactivating prescription drugs and is the only product of its kind that is lab-tested and scientifically proven to neutralize prescription drugs.

Introducing Deterra®

Powered by patented MAT12® Molecular Adsorption Technology, the Deterra® System deactivates prescription drugs, rendering them ineffective for misuse and safe for the environment.

Law Enforcement agencies, fire departments and other public safety organizations across the country are using Deterra to safely deactivate the active chemicals in the drugs which allows responsible disposal with no concerns that the drugs will end up in the hands of children or drug addicts.