Safe At-home Medication Disposal

It’s not destroyed if it’s not Deterra®. Our solution is is the only independently tested and environmentally sound system to permanently destroy prescription and over the counter pills, patches, liquids, creams and films. Powered by activated carbon, Deterra’s patented products are simple, safe and can be used at home or in a clinical setting.

Deterra Pouches

Destroy Drugs – Not the Environment

Permanently destroy prescription and over the counter medications in three simple steps from the comfort of your own home. Made with non-toxic materials, the easy-to-use Deterra pouches are proven to deactivate medication in a safe, eco-friendly way.

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Deterra Container

Contain the Drug Abuse Crisis

The Deterra containers are the only proven solution to destroy a large supply of unwanted or unused medication in clinical and public settings. The three-step process permanently deactivates ingredients and renders medication inert so they can’t be accidentally ingested, stolen, abused or leaked into our ecosystem.

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Deterra Cubes and Compliance Kit

The Most Complete Kit for Drug Disposal & Compliance

The Deterra Safe Medication Disposal Cube includes everything pharmacies, clinics and organizations need to arm consumers with a safe, convenient and affordable disposal option that’s permanent. Each cube is 100% compliant with drug disposal laws, proven to destroy medication, environmentally sound and non-toxic, and able to be thrown in normal household trash.

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It’s Not Destroyed if it’s Not Deterra

Deterra is the only solution for safe, permanent medication disposal. We don’t just mask medications in a gel or liquid; our patented approach is scientifically proven to completely destroy drugs. Plus, the Deterra system is safer for the environment because it uses plant-based, environmentally sound packaging and prevents harmful medications from contaminating landfills and water systems.

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The Deterra pouches can be purchased for individual or consumer use online. For bulk purchasing or ordering containers and disposal cubes, please contact our sales team using our email address, phone number or the online form below.

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