Pharmaceutical companies are in the business of ensuring the health of their customers – and, by extension, the health of our planet. Companies like Mallinckrodt take that role seriously. Since 2013, the company has donated nearly a half-million Deterra drug-deactivation pouches to advocacy groups and law enforcement agencies to ensure proper disposal of prescription painkillers and other medications.

Introducing Deterra®

Powered by patented MAT12® Molecular Adsorption Technology, the Deterra® System deactivates prescription drugs, rendering them ineffective for misuse and safe for the environment.

Law Enforcement agencies, fire departments and other public safety organizations across the country are using Deterra to safely deactivate the active chemicals in the drugs which allows responsible disposal with no concerns that the drugs will end up in the hands of children or drug addicts.


Delaware Prescription Drug Action Committee and Delaware Pharmacists Society

“Pharmacists play a critical role in reducing prescription drug abuse by practicing responsible dispensing of painkillers and educating patients, and now the new Deterra program provides us all with a proven tool to empower patients to safely deactivate and dispose of leftover medications at home,” says Hooshang Shanehsaz, RPh, DPH and Division of Services for Aging and Adults with Physical Disabilities pharmacy director, Cardinal Health director of pharmacy and past president of the Delaware Pharmacists Society. “It offers a convenient, cost-effective way to remove medications from the home, and ultimately prevent prescription drug abuse from starting.”