Is your pharmacy or clinic ready for Charlie’s Law?

Deterra is the only 100% Compliant Disposal Kit

Deterra® is the only solution compliant with Charlie’s Law, New Jersey’s novel legislation that now requires every pharmacy to provide an effective drug disposal option. Because Deterra is the only independently tested, safe and environmentally sound solution that permanently destroys prescription and over the counter medication from the comfort of home. Preorder today and get compliant before the New Jersey law goes into effect April 20.

The Most Complete Kit for Drug Disposal & Compliance

  • 100% compliant with Charlie’s Law in New Jersey
  • Made from environmentally sound, non-toxic materials
  • Deterra is safer for the environment because we use plant-based packaging and prevent harmful medications from contaminating the landfills and water systems
  • Proven to permanently destroy active ingredients, preventing misuse, abuse, accidental ingestion and environmental harm
  • Can be thrown in with the regular trash
Deterra Safe Disposal Retail Kit

Deterra Safe Medication Disposal Kit

The Deterra Safe Medication Disposal Kit includes everything pharmacies, clinics and organizations need to arm consumers with a safe, convenient and affordable disposal option that’s permanent. Each kit is 100% compliant with drug disposal laws, proven to destroy medication, environmentally sound and non-toxic, and able to be thrown in normal household trash. Kits will be ready to ship in March. Preorder yours now.

Deterra Retail Products Information Chart

Simple, Safe and Effective

Permanently destroy prescription and over the counter medications in three simple steps.

Deterra Disposal Step 1
Tear open pouch – do not remove inner pod(s). Place unused medications inside.
Deterra Disposal Step 2
Fill pouch halfway with warm water and wait 30 seconds for air to release. Some foaming may occur.
Deterra Disposal Step 3
Seal pouch tightly, gently shake and dispose of in normal household trash.

It’s Not Destroyed if it’s Not Deterra

Deterra is the only solution for safe, permanent medication disposal. We don’t just mask medications in a gel or liquid; our patented approach is scientifically proven to completely destroy drugs. Plus, the Deterra System is safer for the environment because it uses plant-based, environmentally sound packaging and prevents harmful medications from contaminating landfills and water systems.

Now Taking Preorders

The Deterra Safe Medication Disposal Kits will be available to ship in March 2020.  Please share your information below and a friendly sales rep will reach out within 48 business hours.