Deterra Protects against Drug Abuse

Keep harmful prescription medications out of the hands of children with Deterra

As drug abuse problems rise in our communities, its become as important as ever to safely and responsibly dispose of unused prescription medications. Recent studies suggest that over 50% of all prescribed medications are disposed of. Due to environmental pollution concerns, it is no longer safe to dispose of these drugs down the drain. That means the responsibility is on the owner to dispose these drugs at drug take back programs, or risk leaving them in medicine cabinets where children & teens can often get to them.

Deterra® System Technology

Deterra’s at-home chemical neutralization system works safely to deactivate the medications by a proprietary activated carbon system. Activated carbon is used extensively in municipal water purification, and is recognized as a universal adsorbent for chemicals in solution. It is also used in the emergency treatments of drug overdosage.