Unused Medications Lead to Abuse

Opioid, prescription and over the counter drug abuse has worked its way to every corner of the country, but it hit home especially hard in Ohio: drug overdoses are the leading cause of death among people 55 and younger in the state. This crisis is responsible for the worst drug epidemic to ever hit the U.S. and has become the defining public health crisis of our generation.

But it goes beyond addiction: 70% of opioids prescribed for surgical use remain unused, leaving hundreds of thousands of medications available for misuse or accidental ingestion. Every 15 minutes, a child under four will overdose on drugs found at home.

Ohio has a major drug abuse problem.

We have a solution to help.
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Permanently Destroy Drugs with Deterra

Prevention is about more than dispensing less; it’s about properly removing the excess supply of medications that exists. Without doing so, these medications can be accidentally ingested, stolen, abused or leaked into our ecosystem, contaminating our soil and water.

Removing what’s in circulation is a huge component of solving this problem – one that’s largely been missed by consumers, providers and organizations. Deterra® is the only independently tested, safe and environmentally sound solution for the permanent destruction of opioids, prescription and over the counter medication.

It’s Not Destroyed if it’s Not Deterra

We don’t just mask medications in a gel or liquid; our patented approach is scientifically proven to completely destroy pills, patches, liquids, creams and films. Powered by proprietary activated carbon, the Deterra Drug Deactivation System is simple, safe and can be used at home or in a clinical setting.

We offer a variety of product sizes and formats to accommodate in-home use and bulk disposal in clinical settings, including pouches, containers and compliant retail kits. Plus, we use non-toxic, plant-based materials and less packaging than other brands, so our system is safer for the environment.

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Simple, Safe and Effective

Permanently destroy prescription and over the counter medications in three simple steps.

Deterra Disposal Step 1
Tear open pouch – do not remove inner pod(s). Place unused medications inside.
Deterra Disposal Step 2
Fill pouch halfway with warm water and wait 30 seconds for air to release. Some foaming may occur.
Deterra Disposal Step 3
Seal pouch tightly, gently shake and dispose of in normal household trash.

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The Deterra solution is the only answer for safe, permanent medication disposal and is trusted by numerous organizations dedicated to ending the opioid crisis.

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