Prescription Drug collections resume at Platte River Mall

NORTH PLATTE, NEB. (KNOP)- After a two month layoff, Community Connections returned to collecting prescription drugs that are no longer needed.

Citizens dropped off their no longer needed prescriptions drugs at the Platte River Mall on Saturday and then were asked to complete a brief survey. The goal of the survey is to give the staff at Community Connections a better idea of how prescription drugs are handled in Lincoln County.

“We have a couple different questions about if they personally think prescription drugs are abused, if it’s a problem in our area and if they know someone with a prescription drug problem,” said Catiana Urrutia, an employee of Community Connections.

With the long layoff between collections, there was a steady stream of people coming by to drop off their prescriptions. When there are not collections taking place, some pharmacies will take no longer used prescription drugs and dispose them.

Deterra is an at-home system that is recommended as a way to dispose of no longer used prescription drugs, said Urrutia.

“You put the pulls in the little pouch that they give you with their solution, it basically deactivates the drugs and is super environmentally friendly.”