Kendall Co. Sheriff Launches New Effort To Fight Opioid Crisis

The Kendall County Sheriff’s Office will have Deterra kits available for residents, courtesy of the Rx Abuse Leadership Initiative of Illinois.

“Safely disposing of unused medication is critical to protecting our children, community and our environment,” Sheriff Dwight Baird said in a statement.

OSWEGO, IL — The Kendall County Sheriff’s Office and the county’s Health Department are partnering on a new initiative to get opioids off the street. Both agencies are partnering to offer the public new kits that safely destroy unwanted or expired prescriptions.

Starting this week, the sheriff’s office will have available to residents what’s known as the Deterra Drug Deactivation System Kit. The kit allows for the safe and environmentally friendly disposal of drugs in pill, liquid or patch form. Kits can be picked up for free at the Sheriff’s office at 1102 Cornell Ln. in Yorkville.

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