Ditching drug drop-off boxes for pouches

The Erie County Health Department and local law enforcement agencies are opting for a “better method” – Deterra pouches. Drug drop-off boxes will be removed from several locations and free pouches will be available to order online.

The article includes an explanation of how to use the pouches and a photo.

All things change. Now the Erie County Health Department and local law enforcement agencies are changing how unused, unwanted medications can be safely discarded. For many years, the sheriff’s office and police departments provided dropoff boxes for the purpose of collecting and properly disposing of medications. The usual method was for residents to drop off their unwanted meds at collections bins provided by law enforcement agencies and the health department paid for the disposal. Health Department funds were used to incinerate the meds.

Making sure pharmaceuticals, narcotics and other medications are properly disposed is an important task. If they are flushed in toilets or discarded in landfills, the active ingredients can become poisonous to the environment, to wildlife to humans. The drop-off boxes have been an effective methodology. But now, public health officials are opting for what they call a better method: disposal bags. It’s a better method, it seems, but what’s important for everyone to remember is that medications should be disposed properly.

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