Health Partners no longer disposing of medications

When Health Partners Free Clinic first began serving the needs of the uninsured residents of Miami County, the clinic quite often heard from individuals that simply could not afford their medication. This was a time before Walmart’s “$4 list” and affordable generics were just not that widely disseminated yet.

Health Partners wanted to help in any way it could, and that included accepting medications from the homes of individuals who did not want to see these expensive medications go to waste and knew that there was a need in the community for those that could not afford them.

Since those early days, Health Partners has been a terminal distributor, licensed through the State Board of Pharmacy, and is prohibited from taking medication from an individual for the purpose of dispensing them to another individual. Over the last six years, the clinic has been willing to take medication from the public and dispose of it appropriately, however the storage and cost of this service has become too large for a free clinic to continue and we will no longer provide this service as of April 27th.

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