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Health Partners no longer disposing of medications

When Health Partners Free Clinic first began serving the needs of the uninsured residents of Miami County, the clinic quite often heard from individuals that simply could not afford their medication. This was a time before Walmart’s “$4 list” and affordable generics were just not that widely disseminated yet. Health Partners wanted to help in any way it could, and that included accepting medications from the homes of individuals who did not want to see these expensive medications go to waste and knew that there was a need in the community for those that could not afford them. Since those
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Health Plan of Nevada Drug Disposal Kit Donation

Monday morning, Health Plan of Nevada donated 8,000 prescription drug disposal kits to the Nevada State Board of Pharmacy. They want to help Nevadans safely dispose of unused opioids and prescription medications in an effort to combat the opioid crisis. Yenh Long, deputy director of the Nevada State Board of Pharmacy released this statement: We’re very glad to have this opportunity to collaborate with UHC and obtain the Deterra® drug disposal bags. We’re hoping to distribute these bags to Nevadans for the safe disposal of not just opioids but all types of medications that people have in their homes that
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