Oakland Warns Health Experts of Prescription Drug Abuse

This article shows more action happening on the local government level to help prevent prescription drug abuse.  It’s becoming obvious that this prescription drug abuse epidemic is slowly gaining more and more attention on the national stage.  As knowledge of the problem grows more solutions will be found.

Oakland County officials announced Tuesday they will offer physicians training this fall as part of an effort to curb the abuse of painkillers and other prescription drugs by young people.

The training program is part of the Oakland County Prescription Drug Abuse Partnership, according to county health and human services director George Miller, who hosted a press conference along with County Executive L. Brooks Patterson and Sheriff Michael Bouchard.

Prescription drug abuse is a national problem and studies have pegged prescription opioid abuse costs at nearly $56 billion in 2007. An estimated 83 people abuse prescription drugs every hour (over 2,000 a day) and four in 10 teens who misused a prescription drug said they took it from their parent’s medicine cabinet believing it safer than using street drugs.

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