Granger overdose deaths highlight prescription drug abuse

Another sad drug abuse tragedy that is drawing more attention to the prescription drug abuse epidemic in the country.  We need to continue to take action against the prescription drug problem. 

The overdose deaths over the weekend of two teenage brothers who were recent Penn High School graduates provided the latest example of a deadly drug abuse epidemic that has claimed lives across demographics.

Police said the brothers, 19-year-old Nick Savage and 18-year-old Jack Savage, were found dead Sunday morning after overdosing on a combination of drugs and alcohol at a late-night house party in the Knollwood area of Granger. Two other partygoers were treated for overdoses.

Experts said the incident highlighted how the upward trend of prescription drug abuse over the past five years — often associated with painkillers such as Oxycontin — has not spared affluent suburban communities.

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