HHS to Fight Prescription Drug Abuse Epidemic

The Department of Health and Human Services is drawing more national attention to the problem of prescription drug abuse with their new focus on opioid related issues.  It’s another national level organization being brought to bear against the problem.  As knowledge of the prescription drug abuse epidemic continues to grow we will continue to see more organizations throwing their weight behind fixing the problem.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is launching an initiative aimed at opioid-related overdose, death and dependence.

Opioid analgesics have been increasingly implicated in drug overdose deaths in the nation in the last decade, the agency reported. With approximately 37% of drug overdose deaths in 2013 involving prescription opioids—and other factors such as a 39% increase in heroin-related deaths between 2012 and 2013—the HHS said that “it is time for a sustainable response to prevent and treat opioid use disorders.”

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