A Former Drug Addict Tells His Story of Prescription Drug Abuse

We often hear about the prescription drug abuse epidemic from a high level viewpoint.  We see studies or hear the statistics.  It’s more rare to find first hand accounts of former prescription drug abusers.  This story gives a look at the problem from that viewpoint.  Click through to read the whole account and see the video.

Every 13 minutes, someone in the U.S. dies from a prescription drug overdose.

It started behind the mirror with a young man and his secret. To keep him protected, he’ll be called Ryan.

“Nobody ever knew,” Ryan said. “I could go around to anybody. Nobody knew I was a drug addict.”

He’s trying to end a four-year addiction to prescription painkillers. He said it started in high school when he began feeling depressed.

“I was taking four to five oxycodone a day, 80 milligrams a day,” Ryan said.

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