White House Budget Proposal Aims to Lower Prescription Drug Abuse

Just as we’ve seen state and local governments address the issue of prescription drug abuse we’re now seeing the federal government address the same issue.  The recent White House budget proposal for 2016 is targeting prescription drug abuse.  If the budget gets passed we may see an increase in prevention programs and measures to help curb prescription drug abuse.

Recently, the White House has released its budget proposal for 2016 with aims on lowering the number of abuse on prescription drug that killed several American with opioid overdose. The budget released is expected to increase the funding of Center for Disease Control and Prevention programs, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration, and also other institutions. Moreover, full sobriety and drug independence can also be achieved with early rehabilitation on recovery facilities.

With such urgency in raising abuse of prescription and illicit drugs as an immediate public health concern that should be resolved, it’s not surprising that it was characterized as an epidemic in the United States by federal health officials. And with the rise in the number of prescription drugs as powerful pain relievers, there’s a possibility that the Obama’s budget proposal would likely to spend a hefty $4 trillion and would cut deficits by $1.8 trillion in the coming years.

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