Prescription Drug Abuse Linked to HIV Outbreak

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It’s sad to see another possible effect of prescription drug abuse is the spread of disease through injections.  Hopefully this outbreak doesn’t mark a larger or emerging trend.  This is just another reason to make sure to dispose of prescription medications correctly with a product like Deterra.

Indiana is grappling with an outbreak of HIV that local health officials say is connected to prescription drug abuse.

Since mid-December, there have been 27 confirmed and 10 preliminary — meaning they need to be confirmed with further testing — HIV-positive cases in the state, according to an announcement from Indiana health officials on Friday. The infections are largely concentrated in the southeast corner of the state, and in all cases, the patients had reported injecting the prescription opioid oxymorphone hydrochloride, known by the brand name Opana. For local health officials, this raises concern about addiction in the area.

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